ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo

ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo
ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo

ACCESSOIRES Vintage Mix per x kilo

kg 10 kg

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10 kg
€130,00 ADD
Delivery:3-7working days.
Refund:14days after delivery.

ACCESSOIRES Mix per x kilo

Let op, de foto's geven louter een voorbeeld weer van de items die u in uw doos zou kunnen vinden.

Deze doos zal zorgvuldig worden voorbereid door ons team (Handgemaakt) waarbij men rekening houdt met uw wensen en verzoeken.

In deze doos vindt u een mix van ACCESSOIRES voor mannen en vrouwen: stropdassen, haarbanden, vlinderdassen, hoeden, riemen, bretels, foulars, ascots etc ... in verschillende kleuren en patronen.

  2. VERKOOP VOOR: 5 - 30 EURO

Vergeet niet dat de items tweedehands zijn. Het is dus mogelijk dat sommige items een klein defect hebben of misschien gewassen moeten worden.

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Team IVW.



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About Us

Italian Vintage Wholesale is a vintage wholesale company based in Italy and founded in 2018 by people with more than 10 years of experience in the vintage industry. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by manually selecting every single garment, and managing to sell A-tier supplies to every kind of store. Out passion for vintage and customer satisfaction has made it possible to proliferate; indeed, in 2023, we managed to sell more than 60,000 clothes per month, with a monthly customer return rate of 55%. With over 160 vintage clothing categories available and a monthly supplying service of more than 20 tons of garments from Italy and Germany and 10 tons from Usa, you are in the right place to scale your business!


Italian Vintage Wholesale conducts continuous quality checks at various stages of the process. Each item's suitability for sale is evaluated piece by piece. In the first step, incoming merchandise is categorized into macro categories for an initial
check, eliminating unsellable products with severe flaws such as unremovable stains or damages, as well as counterfeit goods. In the second step, items are further divided into micro categories for ease of selection and undergo additional scrutiny. As a final step before inclusion in the order, we ensure the perfect condition of each item. We assess products based on authenticity, Vintage and retail value. There are vintage items from the 1950s to the 2000s that may have small imperfections but are still salable and are evaluated by us as premium items with a higher sales value due to their authenticity.. Our policy is to help our customers offset their purchase costs and maximize their profit margins as soon as possible, assisting them in their
business growth. For your order, you can always leave a note about your preferences, which will be taken into consideration. If it's not possible to fulfill your request, we engage with the customer to find a suitable solution.

Our Packaging:

Boxes: We use boxes for shipping bay unit orders, 10kg to 20kg. Exceptionally, for countries outside the EU, all shipments are sent in boxes.

Bags: We use bags for shipments over 20kg and these bags are sealed with a stapler.

Delivery after you purchase

After the acquisition of your order, your purchase goes into chronology, calculate 2/4 days to start working on it, once completed we will process it by entrusting it to our couriers that we collaborate with and you will receive tracking to monitor the delivery status . Once the orders are entrusted to the couriers, the delivery time varies from area to area, on average from 3 to 7 working days. We provide customer support for any shipping delays or related issues. In some cases, during periods like sales or sudden increases in orders, there may be delays, but our goal is to ship as soon as possible.


Our customer support team is dedicated to promptly addressing any questions and resolving issues.


Handpick: You can visit our warehouse and personally select the items you desire.

Video handpick: For customers unable to visit our location, we offer video call support for item selection. We'll showcase every item from the requested collection and proceed with your order.

Kilo Sale: For customers seeking to purchase large stocks starting from 400kg, you can send us your request, which we will review and provide a quote for.