Massimo Osti

There are many designers that managed to bring in a massive impression in the fashion industry. Massimo Osti managed to stand out as a great garment engineer as well as a fashion designer. What made him stand out was the fact that he continued to work very hard to innovate and come up with creative ideas all the time. He took ideas from sportswear, workwear, military clothing and other similar products, then tried to push the boundaries and bring in a style of his own in a rewarding and engaging manner.

Massimo Osti was born in Bologna in 1944 and from a very young age he was very passionate about clothing. In fact, he became a graphic designer and also worked in the advertising business early on during her career. He started her fashion industry career during the 70s, when he created her own t-shirt collection with placed prints. He was also one of the first that were using new techniques in the industry for that time. He focused on the silkscreen and also on the four color process.

His t-shirt collection was a success, and she was contracted to design a men’s collection. She actually became an equity partner in the company Chester Perry. During the 80s he focused a lot on innovation. In fact, he established garment dyeing, a process that pretty much revolutionized the entire industry. Moreover, he also created a clothing line named Stone Island. During 1985 he became the editor of CP magazine and he did take feature photos for garments in order to promote them, and it was quite amazing in its own right. The magazine became a major advertising tool for him, and that was incredible to say the least. It even helped start a trend to advertise in fashion magazines, something that’s also very popular right now.

In 1987 Massimo Osti invented the rubber wool and rubber flax. The idea behind adding rubber was to make those materials waterproof, boost their resistance and also bring in a new feel and look to garments. Many mills use this procedure, and it’s all thanks to his own vision. During the 1990s, Massimo Osti opened a CP store in New York. On top of that, he also worked on the Reflective Jacket, which used innovative materials and it was also waterproof. He also gave rise to the Left Hand. In 1998 the company started creating and distributing the OM project brand.

Despite the fact that Massimo Osti died in 2005, his legacy lives on because he was a true innovator and a person that never gave up and tried to create some of the best possible garments. His legacy goes on thanks to the Massimo Osti Archive, which has a plethora of textiles. It has more than 5000 garments and more than 50k fabric samples. His innovations, creativity and the fact that many of the inventions are still used these days are a testament not only to his creativity, but also to his hard work and commitment to excellence. He always strived to push the boundaries, and never gave up to create beautiful garments and unique clothing pieces!

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