IVW is a young company based in southern Italy, specializing in the selection of the vintage mix. Our Mission is to distribute the best quality in-store clothing across Europe.



Our selection process starts from the purchase of quality raw materials, we carry out a careful check by selecting the garments in the best conditions, we divide them by gender and by season.

Our Selection start from 60’s to early 2000’s.

Raw material

Our raw material comes mostly from northern Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Our catalog consists of 161 categories of vinatge clothing.

Place And Order

Our minimum order is 20 categories for a weight of 400Kg, 70% of the clothing must be vintage and 30% Branded. You have full freedom to choose the categories you are most interested in. Once the request has been sent, we will tell you if there is a need to make any changes and we will give you in processing times. We will send a quotation for the shipping costs in your city.

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