What will I find in Kilosale Mix?

Kilosale mix is a mix sorting by category, our vintage expert made it for you taking care of conditions. In the note section you can write some preferences

How much does cost the shipping?

The shipping cost is free in Europe for Kilosale box and cost 30 euro for 15/30 pcs box. Little Tip: Add 1 kilosale box on your cart for have always free ship.

There are some country where we don't ship, if you can't buy the products contact us to have a quotation.

What Does happen if i don't like the mix?

You can return the box and have full refund. The shippung back costs are at your expense.

Can i have invoice for my order?

At end of each month we send invoices to all our customers. Contact us and send your company details and vat number.

Can I choose what I want in my box?

You can express preferences in the notes but you cannot completely choose your box because it is a mix sold by the kilo. Contact us for a video call or a session in our warehouse.

How many clothes is 1 KG?

If you ask this question you are most likely starting your business now. 1 kg is on average for clothing 2.2 2.5 mixed products in winter and summer. For the summer season the number of products increases and for the winter season it decreases.

Will I pay customs taxes?

If your country is not part of the European community, your package will be stopped at customs for checks and you will pay taxes, usually Vat and Duties. Contact the competent offices in your country for more information.

Can i Choose the size?

You can express preferences in the notes but usually the selection of sizes is random. Let's try to put the right mix. You won't find just XXL or S XS.