Handpick Room

What are the advantage of Handpick session?

  • You can choose the clothes that you like.
  • You can touch, read labels and check clothes.
  • Discover new categories of clothing

Here You can book an Handpick session in Our Handpick Vintage Room.

We are based In Naples:


Handpick Room Vintage Clothing

  • In our Handpick Room you can find all kind of Vintage clothing sorting by category.

  • You have all time that you need from 9.30 to 17.30

What are the price of this service?

  • You pay by unit under 50Kg
  • Over 50kg you have Proggressive Discount by KGs

Booking an appointment, we are waiting you!


Price List Under 50KG

Price List Over 50KG is by KG

Minimum Spend: 500,00


Gest start NOW to get PREMIUM vintage clothes

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