Cotton – Maintenance tips

Cotton is one of those fabrics that stand out with their look and unique attention to detail. On top of that, cotton is visually imposing, but just like any other fabric, it needs proper maintenance. With that in mind, here you have a list of tips and tricks on how you can take care of your Cotton the right way, without damaging it.

Washing Cotton

When you want to wash any type of Cotton fabric, you must look at the label. The product label will say a lot about how you should wash your Cotton piece. In some cases you will need to do hand washing, although machine washing can be supported as well. Dry cleaning can also be an option. We don’t recommend using fabric softeners, as those can bring a dull finish and damage your clothes a bit.

What’s the right water temperature for washing Cotton?

Ideally, you want to wash Cotton clothes in cool or warm water. This will help you prevent fading, shrinking and so on. You can use hot water, but it’s ideal not to. Using hot water can lead to Cotton shrinking quite a bit, so your clothes might not actually fit you in the end. That’s why you have to be very careful here.

Drying Cotton

A good idea is to machine dry or air dry any cotton fabric. Use a moderate to low heat. High heat is not ok, because it also leads to cotton shrinking very fast. It might not seem that much at first, but this can become a problem, so it’s a good idea to address the issue beforehand. Proper maintenance and attention can really make it worth it. You will be very happy with the process and experience.

How can you treat stains?

Go with a color safe stain stick or remover. This will pre-treat the color garments. Ideally, you want to use that in those areas that are prone to sweat. But it can be just as good on any stain spots too, so try to keep that in mind. A major advantage is that you can prevent odors, so that’s really good.

Ironing Cotton

We recommend you to iron on high heat. However, the fabric should be a little damp, so you can use steam if you need it. Ironing can be avoided if you remove Cotton clothes from the machine right away or if you air dry everything.

These tips and tricks can be a very good idea if you want to ensure that you take good care of your Cotton clothes. Cotton is the type of material that will require a bit of attention and care. But the truth is that if you take good care of it, nothing will be impossible. All you have to do is to check it out for yourself, and we guarantee you will be more than happy with the results. The best part is that Cotton can also be quite durable if you follow the right maintenance tips, so you won’t have to replace your Cotton clothes very often!

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