How was the necktie invented?

The necktie is one of those pieces that a lot of men wear and which find incredibly tasteful and visually appealing. With that in mind, a necktie adds class, and people always wore it as a sign of elegance and aristocracy. However, people didn’t always wear a necktie, so when was it invented? Here’s a quick rundown!

It’s very hard to pinpoint who created the necktie, but what we do know is that it originates from sometime during the 17th century. It was designed during the 30 year war in France. King Louis XIII actually hired some Croatian mercenaries that were wearing a piece of cloth around their neck, and that was a part of their uniforms.

At first, this was just a long white cloth made out of linen or fine cotton. It was also tied around the neck in an intricate, unique manner. In some cases, it was even decorated with lace. During the 1700s we actually had a rectangular scarf in white or black that was basically taking over the necktie as a fashion statement. With that being said, during the 1800s you have neckties in pretty much all types of colors. The scarf was not as popular at this time, so neckties were able to blossom and really stand out as a great and empowering fashion statement for those particular times.

Another thing to note here is the fact that the necktie as we know right now was patented in 1900 in Macclesfield, NE of England. Prince Edward became a fashion model and he started wearing the necktie and a relaxed dress code. He was one of the people that actually made the necktie very popular, and he did continue to show off his unique love for clothes, while also encouraging others to try out something new and different at that particular time.

There were some other things similar to the necktie, like the schlipsen, a coattail who was similar to a necktie, but thin and very long, with an increased width towards the end. It was always interesting to see how everyone tried to find their own unique spin on the necktie, but it was a fashion statement and it did stand out of the crowd all the time. During the 50s and 60s the necktie was super popular, and these days it continues to stand out as a great accessory especially for events and professional endeavors.

One thing is certain, wearing a necktie does show a sign of class, professionalism, and it stands out of the crowd as something very different and engaging. It does show that you can get plenty of incredible ways to spruce up your wardrobe and come up with something new. It’s definitely a good idea to check out for yourself and see if you like it. Getting a necktie is extraordinary, and it does help push the boundaries in a fun and engaging way, you just have to check it out for yourself!

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