Giorgio Armani

Italian fashion designer born on 11 july 1934.

He already worked for many brands in his carrier including Allegri, Cerruti, Hilton, and Bagutta.

In 1975, he founded his company named Armani that eventualy diversified into sport, music, and luxury hotels.

Till 2001, Armani was recognized as the most suscessful Italian designer and known for pioneering red-carpet fashion.

Giorgio has opened an Armani Hotel in 2010 in the world’s tallest building i.e. Burj Khalifa.

He is recognized as world’s richest openly LGBT person.

According to the 2021 figures of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the estimated net worth of Armani is of USD 9.53 billion.

He is the son of Maria Raimondi and Ugo Armani.

In 1983, He has won the CFDA International Award.

The following labels are related to him;

Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Casa, Armani Caffe, Armani Hotels, Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Armani Dolci, Armani Fiori, and Armani Ristorante.

He had partnership with Sergio Galeotti from 1966 to 1985 (Death).


Early Life:

The birth place of Armani was in the Piacenza’s northern Italian town.

His father was an accountant working for a transport company.

He was raised with Rosanna (younger sister) and Sergio (older brother).

After reading ‘the Citadel’ of A. J.  Cronin’s, he aspired to make a carrer in the field of medicine. A that time he was studying at the Liceo Scientifico secondary school Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan.

He has taken admission in the Medicine department at the University of Milan. After three years, he left his studies and joined the army in 1953. He started working at the Verona Military Hospital due to his medical background. There he get the chance to attend Arena shows. Later, he decided to build a different career.

In 1957, Armani started a job at La Rinascente (a departmental store) of window dresser. He stared selling meanswears and has got much experience about the fashion industry and its marketing.

In the middle 1960s, he started designing meanswear at Nino Cerruti company. His skills has got attention and for the next 10 years he also sfreelanced with his job. At that time, he contributed designs to about 10 manufacturer at once.

In the end of 1960she met Sergio Galeotti who was an architectural draftsman. Both were in a professional dna personal relationship that continued for amny ears

In 1973, Armani opened a design office at 37 Corso Venezia, Milan.

There he worked as freelancer for many fashion houses and hence gained much experience and use it as an opportunity to form his own style in fresh ways and started working to build his own label.

On 24 july, 1975 together with his friend Galeotti, he launched Giogio Armani S.p.A in Milan. At the end of the same year, he presented some ready-to-wear collection of Men under his own label for summer and spring wear. Sooner he also came up with women’s line useful for the same season.

He was the first designer who banned models having BMI (Boy mass index) under 18 after the death of Ana Carolina Reston.

In 24 jan, 2007, Armani started broadcasting his collection live on the WWW, it was first to be happen in haute couture world.

Cingular cellular phones and MSN has broadcasted the 2007 fashion show  of Armani Prive for Spring and summers.

He is also know to design stage outfits for the Lady Gaga, pop superstar and for many high-profile award shows including MTV Video Music Awards of 2010 and 53nd Grammy Awards.


He was a private man but people identify him as bisexual who had a longstanding relationship with Sergio, his business partner. He is currently single! Some of his relatives resides in US. He loves sailing and spend most of his time over 200ft yacht, as per his family.

The business of Armani was surged after when he designed wardrobe for actor Richard Gere for the American Gigolo, a blockbuster film of 1980. After this, he expanded his  business into sportswear, makeup, perfumes, and accessories. Not limited to this, but also in hotels, real estate, interior design, and restaurants.

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