Lurex Tissue

It is a kind of yarn having a metallic appearance.

The term Lurex represents the name of the brand Lurex Company, LTD. It is also frequently used as a reference to the cloth made with the yarn.


A synthetic film is used to prepare the yarn and on which a metallic gold, silver, or aluminum layer has been put with the vaporization.


It is popular material of the entertainment industry. You could easily hence most seen them in television and movie costumes.


This clothing material was first came into existence and gained people’s attentions during 80s. At that time lurex can be used in making different kind of garments like blouses, flowing pants, and leg warmers.


It gives shiny look to your persona in different versions either it is night or day.


It is very versatile in its use like a combination of knitting with the Lurex.

A kind of metalized thread was first made in 1946.

Before its invention, metallic materials are mixed with the other clothing materials to give elegance and shine to the fabrics.

The small strips of gold cut, molded and wrapped in cotton or silk.

This fabric has been evolved much in the past time to make it more technological, comfortable, and beautiful in appearance.

You can understand it as a mesh having good level of flexibility and elasticity and formed using metal wires like aluminum, that has been wrapped and sealed in polyamide or polyester.

Due to the elegance feel, this fabric is usually used to create both casual and party clothes inspired from the great work of the celebrities’ stylists.

This fabric when combines with the black dress offers a nice starry sky effect.

Lurex fabric is available in different effects and colors so the designers can use it to match when combined with other pieces like jeans.

You can find it in heavier garments made for falls.


It can be made to form a clothing having slight transparency, moldable to its wearer’s body, and super malleable.

The fabric also performs well in pleating and draping.

There are many differentials of this clothing material.


Dresses that sparkle or glitter against the reflection of disco lights on them.


It needs great craftsmanship to design such clothing and hence the reason behind its range lying on the expensive side. No doubt, it is a symbol of luxury, power, and wealth.


Lurex does not tarnish, and light in weight.

It can be used in power looms to build complex woven fabrics, thanks to its tough property. Hence, new metallic fabrics can be generated from it.


It is easy to handle and feels soft on skin

Lurex Blend Fabrics comes in many variety like Silk lurex, Cotton lurex, Polyester lurex, Viscose lurex, and many more blends with common colors like copper, silver, and gold.


The fabric is usually used to make evening wears.

This American originated metal fiber yarn can be mixed well with other fibers like wool, silk, rayon, nylon or cotton.


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