Why Corduroy Trousers should be a part of Wardrobe in the 21st Century?

If you are interested in Clothing and Fashion, you know about Corduroy Trousers, a popular trend of the early 70s. The materials are traditionally used to make British country clothing. However, mostly preferred worldwide for both casual and formal purposes!


What is Corduroy?

The word is inspired by ‘corde du roi’, a French word that means “cord of the king”. It is a sturdy fabric that is woven with the vertical stripes of extra crosswire yarns. They are usually crafted from cotton or any other variety of cotton blends. Other than the trousers, Corduroy is mainly used to make jackets, slacks, millinery, hunting apparel, coats, and breeches.


How it is formed?

Corduroy is made with two fillings and one wrap, using any one of the major textile fibers. After being woven, glue is used to coat the back of the cloth. The pile yarn floats are being cut right at their center. The filling will not come out of the goods while the cutting process, due to the glue. The backside of goods has a twill or plain weave. After removing the glue from the face, the fabric is then treated with brushings, waxing, and singeing’s to form a ribbed velvet-like finish.

The material comes with many properties like;

- There are three primary kinds of corduroy Printed/Pigment dyed, Needlecord/Pinwale/Pincord, and Standard Wale.

- It’s a versatile textile and is generally in trends during winter or falls.

- The fabric can be used to form either more tailored, structured pieces, or a relaxed silhouette.

- It is very comfortable due to its tactile nature.

- A thicker material due to the pile weave and works well to trap the heat.

- It is a durable fabric consisting of a rounded cord, wale surface, or rib made by cut pie yarn.

- Comes in different weights providing the different intensities of medium warmth.


What are Corduroy Trousers?

These pants appear almost like jeans but are made from a ridged and soft fabric called corduroy. Both denim and corduroy fabrics are woven traditionally from cotton. You can use your fingertips to feel the raised or rigid pattern formed by the cords or twisted fibers of corduroy.

It is a textile with a distinctive texture i.e. a raised wale or cord. The word ‘wale’ refers to every single row of cords found on corduroy pants. The higher its number, the thinner will be the corduroy rows. Cords are also known as Manchester cords, pin cord, corded velveteen, or elephant cord (thick stripes).


Why is it so Cool?

Trousers made from Corduroy are very versatile that can be paired with boots and sweaters as a uniform for fall weather. You can achieve a casual business look using them with loafers or other shoes. Sneakers, Plaid or Chambray, Denim Jacket, and a Graphic Tee also work well with a trouser of corduroy all the year.

One can use this trousers to get a quick-and-easy look for anywhere. They generally come in neutral colors, but style can be added by matching it with something bright-colored clothing. You can try for a corduroy piece with details like shearling trim or bold print.

Corduroy fabric till now is used in pop culture, military, and is a common choice among the fashion sense of the popular artists. It has also made a long-time presence both in common women’s and men’s clothing styles.

No doubt, corduroy trousers are among the Timeless trends that come in or go out of fashion time to time. So it does not matter if you are a person or business, you can’t neglect it when it is about fashion. One can get the best quality products from an experienced wholesaler deals with vintage trending items like IVW.

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